Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lazy Saturday night...

When I went to bed last night all I could think of was how I wanted today's workday to come to an end. It turned out to be a pretty great day. Work just flew by because it was so busy (yet relaxed), and the weather was gorgeous yet again. I got to have the 1 o'clock lunch break (which is the exciting lunch break ^_^), and I went out and got myself a yummy salad from my favourite Saturday lunch restaurant. It had ham and turkey and cheese and artichokes and capers. Mmmmm.

On my way out I realized that I had stupidly left the frozen shepherd's pie we were going to have for supper in the staff room freezer, so I had to stop and get a frozen pizza and veggies instead. It turned out well in the end. We both work on Saturdays and never feel like cooking when we get home. Saturdays usually mean frozen food or takeout.

As for my weekend crafty projects, I have already cut out pieces for one empire waist dress and two pale pink boat-neck tees. The dress is for my friend's birthday Blythe, so I used some of my brown floral print fabric. I know that sewing with this stuff is hell, I made my dolls a dress with it and it frays like crazy, but my friend really loves earth tones so I decided to bite the bullet and try sewing with it again. I am hoping that the pink material for the shirts will be easier to work with.

Although I should do some cleaning, I plan to spend most of tomorrow relaxing, walking, eating brunch at the pub, playing with my dolls and sewing. I think that my new Blythe is waiting for me at the pharmacy, so it should definitely be an exciting day.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Great day today as I just realized how much time off I'm going to have next week due to the Easter holiday. Although I will have to work Saturday, I have the rest of the long weekend and a seder to go to on Saturday night. I have never been to one before and I am very excited. The weather was wonderful today, sunny and mild. I feel so much better in the Spring when it's light outside until 6 or 7.

This weekend, which for me consists of Sunday and Monday, will be spent making Blythe clothes for a friend's birthday. She will be getting her very first Blythe, and I intend to make her a small "starter wardrobe." I hope I am not being too ambitious, but I want to make one or two little t-shirts with iron-ons, a little pair of jeans, an empire waist dress and a boat-neck top. I also wanted to crochet a little hat, but I am not sure if I will have the time. I just hate the thought of a new Blythe running around nude. :D Mike and I plan to go out for brunch at the pub on Sunday morning, after we sleep in a little. I have a package waiting for me at the pharmacy near there which I think might be my brand new "Feel the Sky" Blythe. Very exciting!

On Friday nights, those of us who are stuck working until 9 have a potluck during our supper break at 4. Although we only have a microwave we still manage to eat very well. Often we pick out a country and make its cuisine. Tonight, however, we had a spaghetti dinner with spaghetti squash in place of the noodles. We had garlic rolls and veggies and berries and yogurt with chocolate sauce for dessert. Yummy.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and sunny weekend!

Current craft project: crocheted neck warmer--it's a Bernat pattern that I am working up in the pink camouflage yarn pictured here:

I am not sure where you'd be hiding if you were wearing pink camouflage. Maybe a flowerbed?

Here's the pattern, too, if you're interested:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have been wanting to start a new blog for ages, but haven't gotten around to it until now. Here I will discuss art and crafts and dolls and books and podcasts and all of the other million and one things that I really enjoy. That's all for now. More soon.

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